Necrony - Necronycism: Distorting The Originals EP (1994)

Banda: Necrony
Origen: Suecia
Estilo: Death/Grind Metal

1. Fermenting Innards [Carcass cover]
2. Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency [Carcass cover]
3. Die In Pain [Carcass cover]
4. Mucupurulence Excretor [Carcass cover]
5. Dis-Organ-Ized [Impetigo cover]
6. Bodily Dismemberment [Repulsion cover]
7. Festering Boils [Repulsion cover]
8. Cenotaph [Bolt Thrower cover]
9. Lucid Fairytale [Napalm Death cover]
10. The Kill [Napalm Death cover]
11. Deceiver [Napalm Death cover]
12. The Day Man Lost [Carnage cover]

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Droid Sektor dijo...

hi there! if you could repost this covers ep by Necrony (or the other one as well) we would be most thankful. Gracias